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If you are planning to immigrate to the UK with your children, if you have heard that you only need to follow a certain application process, for example, ask a lawyer to arrange the visa with the house rental or acquisition ready before departure, do enough preparation, will your dream come true if you apply for a school just after you arrive in the UK?


It seems straightforward. In fact, have you ever questioned that if the house you live-in is settled down, can you enter your preferred best school nearby smoothly with a degree? Regardless of whether the house is let or bought in the UK, the confirmed contract documents basically cannot be overturned for one to two years. Why not arrange the most important thing for a child-school before the trip? Whether it is a public or private school, we can help you. 


Moving to the UK is definitely one of the most important decisions in your life. We can make a thorough plan for you, and arrange the important details before you settle down in the UK, including the school building.


Apply for excellent schools for your children, Find a suitable British comfort home for you

In the past 20 years, we have continued to assist families from all over the world who wanted move to the UK. We are sincere and pragmatic, providing a full range of considerate and professional services according to the unique needs of each family.

Our team (WYSMEN TEAM) is composed of British education experts, British property investment management experts and a team of lawyers focusing on moving British education. It can apply for excellent schools for your children, and at the same time find suitable British comfort houses for you. Solve problems when you move to the UK.

Our service


School Application


We are one of the very few experts with experience in this area in the UK. Apart from private school applications, one of our strengths is to solve the problem of transfer to British public schools, from constituency to school selection, from contacting the approval authority to arranging application matters, carefully listening to your needs, before submitting the application formally to the government, we can investigate the feasibility of the successful application for you in detail, and give you the best choice to make your application easy and worry-free.

Finding a New Home


As we all know, the high-quality school districts in the UK are absolutely unacceptable. Whether it is temporary short-term rental or long-term investment, our property experts will first make arrangements for you in the UK, and help you when applying for a visa and choosing a school. You look at the building and turn the originally complicated procedure into an exciting life experience in an instant.

Happy Family at Home

Legal Advisory Service


In the past 20 years, our team of lawyers has focused on immigrating to the UK, not only has close contact with our education and investment experts but has also worked with law firms in Hong Kong and around the world for a long time to solve problems for immigrant families in the UK. Our service is meticulous. The team of lawyers will review the liaison and application with various government departments, as well as the legal consultation on the sale and purchase of buildings. Not only does it simplify the complexity for you, but it also takes care of the matter before officially hiring the necessary lawyers Straighten out, save unnecessary expenditure costs, and be one step faster, strategizing thousands of miles away.

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